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About us

"Avant-Tour" it is a Travel Company, which work at inbound tourism on Tajikistan and Central Asia.

The main office located in Dushanbe city/Tajikistan/.

"Avant-Tour"have a many years of experience of success job at tourism sphere, on organization of various travels on the whole Tajikistan, also we carry out tours on historical cityes, tours with walking on nature,  trekking and climbing the Gissar and Zeravshan ranges, Fann and Pamir Mountains and in the whole on Central Asia.  In the international climbing camp of

"Avant-Tour"on Moskvin Polyana we organize high altitude climb to the peak Somoni/Kommunizm, Korzhenevskaya peak, Dushanbe peak and others.

Also, we can carry out tour, which will unite some republics of the Central Asia at the same time.

In addition, we practice an individual way to our clients, will help to select need schedule, in accordance with Your wishes!

Each of our programs from cultural tours, walks on nature to tracks and climbs - it is fascinating adventure,

immersion in history and culture, the discovery of incredible beauty of natural landscapes.

The travel will be easy, comfort and safe with our team of  "Avant-Tour".


"Avant-Tour" organizes and carries out:

- Meetings and Seeing-off in all guests reception points on territory of Republic of Tajikistan and Central Asia.

- We will organize visa and visa support in Tajikistan.

- We provide accommodation in hotels, guest Houses and private houses, in the mountains in tents.

- We offer cultural tours, trekking, ascents and high-altitude ascents, horse tours, bicycle tours in Tajikistan and Central Asia.

- Will organize excursion service on Tajikistan and Central Asia cityes. We provide experienced mountain instructors and        translator guides.

- We provide transfers and transport services in Tajikistan and Central Asia.

We will be glad if You will use our services and will our regular customers!

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