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Sights Of Tajikistan

On the territory of modern Tajikistan are located the ancient cities of Penjikent (known since the VI century), Khojent, Ura-Tube (and still famous for the products of local artisans), Isfara, Kanibadam, etc. The heritage of Tajik history and culture is also the architectural monuments of the cities of neighboring Uzbekistan (Samarkand, Bukhara, etc.), with which Tajikistan has long been a single state. In Tajikistan itself, it is worth noting such monuments as the Hissar fortress, the mausoleum of Khoja Mashhad, Ajina-Tepe with the remains of Buddhist monasteries of the VII-VIII centuries.

What can be seen in Tajikistan:

Dushanbe City:

1. The national Museum of antiquities.

2. The national history Museum.

3. National Museum of Ethnography.

4. The Museum of musical instruments name of Gourmandia.

5. Museum gallery named after Behzod.

6. Somoni Square.

7. Botanical garden.

8. Hissar fortress.

9. Eastern bazaars.

10. Navruzgoh.

11. Ismaili Center.

12. The Park named after S. Ayni.


Khujand City:

1. Timurmalik Fortress.

2. Regional Museum.

3. Madrassah Of Sheikh Muslihiddin.

4. Park of culture named after Kamol Khujandi..

5. The Central mosque.

6. Bazaar.

7. Syr Darya River-cable car.

8. Kairokum reservoir.

9. Arbob Palace of culture.

10. 55-meter stele, Khujand Eiffel tower.


The City Of Istaravshan:

1. Old town Mugteppa.

2. Kuk-Gumbaz Madrasah.

3. The Mausoleum Bobotago.

4. The Mausoleum Of Hudair.

5. Khazrati Shoh Madrasah, Sarimazar.

6. Chorgumbaz Ensemble.

7. Bazaar.


Penjikent City:

1. Excavations of ancient Sogd.

2. Museum named after A. Rudaki.

3. Mazori Sharif Mausoleum.

4. Excavations of ancient Sarazm.

5. The Mausoleum Of Rudaki.


Bokhtar City:

1. Ajina Teppa.

2. Museum tower Cabadian.

3. Takhti Sangin.


Kulyab City:

1. Mirsaid Hamadoni Mausoleum.

2. Hulbuk Fortress.

3. Bazaar.

Khorog City:

1. Regional Museum.

2. Botanical garden.

3. Park of culture.

4. Bazaar.


Ishkashim City:

1. The Fortress Of Kah-Kaha.

2. Yamchun Fortress.

3. Garm Chashma Hot spring.

4. The hot spring of Bibi Fotima and Zuhro.

5. Mubarak Kadam Museum and solar calendar /Yamg village/.

6. Rock paintings /Langar village/.

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