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In Kazakhstan, the traveler is invited to visit a variety of sightseeing routes, get acquainted with the culture and history of the country. In the southern part, a large number of valuable architectural monuments – mausoleums, mosques, ancient graves, and fortresses-have been preserved. Picturesque eco-routes are laid in the Northern and Central regions of Kazakhstan.

Numerous national parks, unusual and rare lakes, the slopes of the Altai mountains, unique Sufi monuments and the modern pulse of the most developed country in the region-all this is waiting for the traveler who decided to go to Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan appears to the traveler as a harmonious interweaving of centuries-old Eastern traditions and Western modernity. Modern business centers of Astana and Almaty are adjacent to the ancient cities of the Great silk road, and the famous Baikonur cosmodrome stands in the middle of a thousand-year-old steppe, where centuries ago the ferocious Mongol hordes raced. Here tourists are waiting for the comfortable resorts of Bayan-Aul, Kokshetau and Muyaldy, where you can relax, improve your health and gain strength.

1. Astana-Baiterek Monument

A fancy metal structure that decorated Astana in 1997. The monument was erected in honor of the transfer of the capital from Almaty. Astana-Baiterek was conceived by President N. A. Nazarbayev, it symbolizes the ideas of nomads about the structure of Space. The tower reaches a height of 97 meters, at the 86th meter there is a panoramic hall that offers views of the entire capital.

2. Mausoleum Of Khoja Ahmed Yasavi

Architectural complex of the XIV century of the time of Emir Timur. It is a multi-functional structure that includes a meeting room, the tomb of Ahmad Yasawi, meeting rooms, a mosque, an archive, kitchen facilities, and guest rooms. The great Emir himself gave recommendations about the exterior and interior decoration during construction.

3. Khan Shatyr

A bright example of modern Kazakh architecture. This futuristic building in the form of a side-tilted tent will serve as a shopping and entertainment center. Khan Shatyr was opened in 2010. In the middle of the structure is a spire connected to steel cables, which are stretched on a special transparent cloth. The structure is included in 10 eco-buildings in the world.

4. Palace of peace and accord

The modern structure, built in 2006, has the shape of a four-sided pyramid. It was built in accordance with the proportions of the Golden section by the architect N. foster.  Some people call the Palace the Eighth wonder of the world. Inside there are conference rooms, exhibition galleries, an Opera hall, and greenhouses.

5. Beket-Ata Underground mosque

A place of pilgrimage for Muslims. The mosque was built in the XVIII-XIX centuries. Beket-atoy, who remained in memory as a Builder of mosques and madrassas. Next to the temple is the tomb of the follower of Khoja Ahmed Yassavi Shopan-ATA, who is also very revered among Kazakh Muslims.

6. Arystan-Baba Mausoleum

Historical monument of the XII-XIV centuries near the ruins of the ancient city of Otyrar. The mausoleum was built over the grave of Arystan Baba-a legendary and respected religious mystic, a mighty Batyr. According to legend, Arystan Baba was the spiritual mentor of Khoja Ahmed Yassavi. Also according to legend, he taught the prophet Muhammad to plant gardens.

7. Altyn-Emel national Park

Territory located in the valley of the Ili river, where there are amazing desert, mountain and gravelly landscapes. Tourists can enjoy a magnificent view of the "lunar" landscapes of the Aktau mountains, which are painted in all shades of yellow and orange. Altyn-Emel claims to be included in the UNESCO natural heritage list.

8. Lake Issyk

A reservoir located at an altitude of more than 1700 m. in the Issyk gorge. In 1963, due to mudslides, the lake was emptied in a few hours. At the same time, 100 people were killed. Now the lake has been restored, but in a more rapid size. Huge boulders on the banks are a reminder of the tragedy of 50 years ago.

9. Baikonur Cosmodrome

The first spaceport on the planet, where the human exploration of a distant and incomprehensible Universe began. From here was launched the first artificial satellite of the Earth, and made the flight of Yuri Gagarin. Baikonur is one of the three cosmodromes of the Earth from which spaceships with cosmonauts are launched.

10. Charyn Canyon

A natural monument that is more than 12 million years old, very similar to the famous and advertised Grand canyon in the United States. It stretches for almost 100 km. The most accessible and visited part of the canyon is the "Valley of castles", where there is a car path and a trail for tourists. Charyn canyon is a fascinating sight of "alien" amazing forms that formed rocks.

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