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Fan mountains

The popularity of the fan mountains is not only due to the beauty of the local mountains

landscapes, but also a beautiful climate. During the year, there is only 250 mm of precipitation, and due to the average altitude the air temperature in summer does not exceed +30° C.

The best time for Hiking and climbing is July-September. The fan mountains are located in the Western part of Tajikistan, and include parts of Hissar and Zeravshan ranges.

There are nine peaks with a height of more than 5000 meters, including which is the highest Chimtarga-5489 meters, the Big Hansa (5300m), Mirali (5106 m), Bodhona (5.138 m), Energia (5.120 m), Chapdara (5.049 m) and others. The main wealth of the fan mountains is, of course, the lakes. There are more of them here thirty. Big and small, deep and shallow, legendary and lost in inaccessible gorges. Their number and beauty are amazing imagination.

The most famous: Iskanderkul lake, Alaudin lakes, Kulikalon lakes lakes, Big ALLO, Pushtikul lake, Seven lakes, and others. All of them they are characterized by crystal clarity and rich, changeable color.

Before the lakes fill up, the water is filtered through the ancient sedimentary rocks, which makes it so transparent. The color of the lakes varies from turquoise and azure in the morning, to rich blue in the late afternoon. Hardly is there another corner in the world where a small space between

wonderful mountain landscapes, at the foot of snowy mountains, under cloudless multi- colored lakes are scattered under the blue sky. The Fann Mountains attract more and more visitors every year

attention of tourists, climbers, lovers of mountain trails and fresh air.

Iskanderkul lake

One of the attractions of the fan mountains is deservedly considered to be lake Iskanderkul, a shining pearl in the palms of the majestic mountains Tajikistan's. A name that preserves the memory of those ancient times when the infantry and cavalry led by Alexander the great invaded

Sogdiana /330g. B.C. /. The Lake is located at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level, in the spurs of the Kuhistan mountain junction, between the Hissar and Zerafshan ranges.

The depth of the lake reaches 72 meters, according to scientists, in ancient times the lake had a higher water level, traces of which can be seen on the slopes of the surrounding mountains, at an altitude of more than 120 meters.

The lake is fed by the river Saritag, Hozormech, Sarima, and small mountain streams. From the lake flows the iskanderdarya river, which is part of the Zeravshan pool. At a distance of approximately 1.5 km from the lake Iskanderkul, on the Iskanderdarya river, there is a 24-meter-high waterfall,

where all vacationers and travelers like to come.

The Aloudin lakes

In the name of The Aloudin lakes, a lingering melody is heard, enveloped secret, there are lakes at an altitude of 2750m. Even strange, that about this place there are no legends. The mountain ranges are like mighty warriors in peaked helmets dusted with the Sands of time. Emerald waters they resemble the eyes of Oriental beauties, whose hearts were as cold as their waters. Aloudin lakes are the main miracle Fan mountains-not plausible-blue, turquoise-azure, striking the beauty of all travelers. Nature has created one of its own here masterpieces, still waters that have absorbed all the blue of the sky and purity its colors. Aloudin lakes will not please fishermen, but they will give them a gift an unforgettable experience for artists, photographers and anyone else lovers of beautiful nature. It is interesting that the mountains surrounding Aloudin lakes created a favorable atmosphere for travelers. Bordered by juniper thickets and surrounded by peaks, the lakes resemble an exquisite necklace with shimmering emeralds.

Kulikalon lakes

In the heart of the Fan Mountains, in a huge hollow, at an altitude of 2800m lie amazing Kulikalon lakes that delight with their splendor travelers. Around the lakes are juniper forests, green meadows,

passes, mighty snow peaks with hanging glaciers. Kulikalonsk  lakes are six lakes that are connected by a chain with each other. Two more lakes Souls, located at an altitude of 3000m, under the famous Kulikalon wall.

Seven lakes /Marguzor lakes/

Surprisingly amazingly  beautiful and unlike each other, seven lakes are located at an altitude of 692m to 2400m. The dams of the Marguzor lakes are blocked origin. All seven lakes differ from each other in color and long, located in one narrow gorge, like beads, strung on a thread, on the stormy Shing river. Each lake has its own name and legend. The impressive beauty of the lakes attracts travelers to these parts.

Hissar mountains

Hissar mountains - it is ice and snow on the peaks, not melting under the hot Asian sun, deep dips, valleys, mountain juniper forests, lakes amazing blue, turbulent rivers and caves. In the gorges preserved birch and poplar forests. Wild animals live in the Gissar Mountains, such as: snow leopards, bears, wild boars, wolves, marmots, hares, eagles, argali, ular and others. Gissar Mountains are famous for their popularity among climbers, there are high peaks - the White Pyramid, Hoja Lakan / Dream /, Crown of Siyoma.

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