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Tajikistan is a mountainous country located in the heart of Asia, bordering Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. 93% of the territory of the republic are mountain ranges related to Pamir, Gissar-Alai and Tien Shan mountain systems. Ridges divided by rich and fertile lands of Ferghana, Zerafshan, Vakhsh and Gissar valleys. Terrain complexity and large amplitude heights of mountain systems provides exceptional diversity flora and fauna.

Soil, vegetation and wildlife Tajikistan have a sharply time zone character. Vegetation cover  is rich

wild fruit trees, thousands of plant species that are widely used by the population. The innermost wealth of the republic is its rivers and lakes with systemic glacial nutrition. In the highlands Tajikistan has concentrated huge reserves of

snow and ice.

Tajikistan is interesting for tourists in pristine nature and magnificent landscapes. High mountains of the Pamirs and Tien Shan, crystal clear waters of alpine lakes, iris fields, waterfalls, diverse

fauna and dam, above which the world does not. Numerous nature reserves and architectural monuments are unique and not have analogues in the beauty of composition. The land of spectacular snow-white mountains and flowering valleys, recently enjoyed a large popular with tourists and climbers Tajikistan guarantees unprecedented adventures and amazing views lovers of mountain hikes.

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